The Gold Apple isn't just any other community, it's our community. And that means that everyone in the community cares about others and the games they play. Are you our next member?


Why don't you check out some of the sevices TGA has to offer.

TGA Pack

TGA Pack is our current and most up to date Minecraft modpack. This modpack has everything any one could want.

Mods include:

IC2, ICBM, Flan's, Mekanism, Thaumcraft and many more...

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TLBMilSim is a Arma 3 military roleplaying community, which go into battle and fight the opposing force on the frontlines of a simulated military opetation.

If you would like to join, why not check it out?

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TGARP is our FiveM roleplaying community. This is a community full of dedicated roleplayers, that keep in character no matter the situation.

We have things like the ESX money system and other ESX scripts.

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The TGA Rust server is just as you would expect. Full of raiding and huge fire fights. This hektic community of players, do sometimes come together and fight arm by arm and end up taking out the rest of the server.

Sounds like fun, why not have a look?

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